RASCOM participates in Spectrum Management Conference in Cameroon

The Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM) is participating in this year’s 8th Sub-Saharan Spectrum Management Conference underway at the Yaoundé Conference Centre in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The two-day conference which is part of The Global Spectrum Series, the world’s largest collection of regional spectrum policy conferences is expected to run back-to-back with the APM23-4 meeting.

The newly appointed Acting Director-General of RASCOM, Timothy Nii Ashong who will be leading a discussion on the theme “Direct Satellite-to-Device connectivity” believes that the topic holds immense importance in the context of advancing satellite communications and ensuring seamless connectivity for a variety of devices across the region.

He referred to a report by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on Next Generation Access Technology (NGAT), which emphasized the integration of satellite components into advanced technologies, including base stations for 5G networks.

This fusion of terrestrial and satellite services according to Mr. Ashong, promises to break barriers and extend the communication network to even the most remote corners of Africa.

According to him RASCOM’s participation in the conference underscored the organization’s commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing knowledge, and shaping policies that would enhance communication and connectivity in Africa.

“As one of the region’s leading players in satellite communications, RASCOM’s insights and contributions would undoubtedly enrich the discussion and inspire innovative solutions,”he said. 

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