Our Solutions

Rascom offers a full range of one-stop-shop added-value solutions to its customers using its own space capacity

Bandwidth Lease Service

Rascomstar provides Bandwidth Lease Service across the African continent, with C-band coverage over the whole of Africa plus two Ku Band spot beams fully covering the northern and southern regions of the African continent. Cross-strap capacity is also available between C-band and Ku-band transponders with access into southern Europe.

Typical services include IP connectivity for E-Services, TV broadcasting, GSM backhauling and private Networks for both Government and corporate organizations.

What makes this solution distinct from other leasing providers, is our satellite’s prime orbital position of 2.9 East, and Satellite beam foot print covering the entire African continent and adjacent islands. The key advantage of the Rascomstar satellite is the orbital location at 2.9E which provides perfect coverage across the whole African continent with high elevation angles and minimal transmission losses.

GSM Extension Service

Mobile Network Operators to cost effectively and sustainably extend their networks to Rural Communities with low ARPU. This solution combines Rascomstar innovative GSM technology using
standard BTSs, the RSQ satellite terminals and the efficient management of the space segment.
The remote terminals are designed to be completely off-grid with solar power operation and
Pay As You Go [PAYG] satellite backhaul connectivity enabling GSM operators to have ease of
deployment with low OPEX operational and maintenance costs.