RASCOM forges closer tie with Cameroon

The Regional Africa Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM), Ag. Director-General, Timothy Nii Adi Ashong has paid a working visit to the office of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Libom Li Likeng nee Mendomo Minette.

The purpose of the visit was to bolster relations between RASCOM and Cameroon, a proud member of the esteemed organization.

In her brief welcoming address, the Minister stressed the importance of the member states investing in RASCOM to enhance its operational capabilities. She emphasized the need for African member states to proactively channel resources into RASCOM, enabling the continent to exercise greater control over its digital communication landscape.

Currently, foreign satellites  dominate the African skies, prompting the minister to advocate for a paradigm shift towards self-reliance.

“Africa must be able to manage its own traffic internally,” Madam Likeng stated firmly. “We have foreign satellites scattered across our skies, and it’s imperative that we consolidate our efforts and resources to establish RASCOM as a vital instrument for safeguarding our data security and managing our communication traffic within the continent,”she said.

Expanding on her vision, Minister Likeng proposed that Africa should venture into the thriving business of launching Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbits (NGSOs), a strategic move that would contribute to Africa’s technological sovereignty and bolster its presence on the global state.

In a passionate plea for continental cooperation, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications asserted, “For Africa’s holistic development, we must collectively shoulder the responsibility. As the fastest-growing economy on the continent, it’s incumbent upon us to unite our efforts in enhancing the well-being of our people. RASCOM serves as the optimal platform for us to forge an alliance that bridges the digital divide and brings connectivity to those who remain unconnected.

Responding to the minister’s call for collaboration, Mr. Adi Ashong reiterated his commitment to fostering stronger ties between RASCOM and Cameroon.

He assured the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of RASCOM’s strong support in Cameroon’s satellite activities, reaffirming the organization’s dedication to nurturing a robust partnership that serves the collective interests of African nations.

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