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The RASCOM infrastructure will enable national telecommunications operators in Africa to develop a national traffic base designed to render their incomes less dependent on international traffic over which they have less control and could hence increase income opportunities through the inter-African traffic flows generated by direct links between all the African countries and associated islands.

  • RASCOM provides operators a unique opportunity for fulfilling their universal service obligation to provide an inexpensive universal service, particularly in rural areas. With the economies of scale obtained by the RASCOM system, the per minute cost of national telephone communication, for example, will not exceed $0.10.
  • Similarly, RASCOM will provide them a facility for deploying their networks at a low cost. In fact, the small satellite terminals, i.e. the telephone cabins can be easily installed anywhere (in any African village, by the roadside, in a house, on a platform etc) and will not cost more than US$ 1400 per unit (two-way telephone booths).