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Ensure the harmonious development of national networks in all african countries by putting in place an assistance programme that would motivate and encourage operators to use space resources provided by rascom. Raspac will consist of four major components:

  • Assistance for financing and equipment procurement

This will entail the creation of a pool of financing at favourable conditions to which desiring countries can access for the procurement of equipment for the deployment of their ground networks.

Also, a bulk purchase policy for terminals will be developed. This will make it possible to negotiate on behalf of all african operators and users of ground terminal bulk purchases in order to benefit from economies of scale related to these purchases.

  • Technical assistance

This is designed to provide operators and users of the rascom system assistance for planning, improving and extending their ground networks. This assistance will also focus on the study and identification of a better approach for developing the networks of users so as to ensure an optimal use of the system.

  • Training

This will involve the setting up of a training programme for the operation and maintenance of ground networks as well as for developing skills for the operation of the space segment

  • Establishing a regulatory environment

This would mean encouraging african countries to create a stimulating regulatory environment for the private sector to participate in telecommunications services. This will help accelerate the deployment of ground terminals in countries and widen the base of users thus resulting in an increase in traffic.